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Golf Algin S

Organic - mineral NPK fertilizer for use in soil with low pH (> 5 ) after the CaCl2 method)
Contains soil-improvement elements: Alginates and Amino acids

Soil improvement product for golf courses.

Golf Algin S increases pH, improves the grain structure of the soil as well as the capacity of the soil to store air, water and nutrients.


5.8%      (N  as ammoniumnitrogen)

1.8%      P2O5

3.2%      K2O

3.4%      MgO



In addition organic substances : seaweed, sugar roes, soya, cocoa, nutriants in the form of N-, P-, K-, Mg-, S- and Fe salts, acids and micronutrients.


Areas of usage:


Improves the fertility of the soil (increase air – water storage- and cation-exchange capacity and provides a balanced diet for the plants.)

To be used in connection with establishing new golf courses, sports arenas and parks and in connection with improvment of problem areas.

Golf Algin S is particularly well suited for improving the conditions on golf courses with low pH.


Product description:

Golf Algin S is a granulate produced mainly by the seeweed types Laminaria and Ascophyllum in addition to minor quantities of other seaweed types.

The product contains polyuronacids extracted from the seaweeds in a concentrated form and has in addition organically bound nutrients. This creates favorable conditions for a good development of grass and roots.


How does Golf Algin S work:

Golf Algin S improves the soil fertility as well as the grain structure of the soil. It creates a clay-humus matrix which stabilizes the soil and results in an improved capacity for the soil to store water and nutrients and make them available to the plants.

Furthermore, the use of Golf Algin S increases the cation exchange capacity and acts as a buffer against high concentrations of salts in the soil and thereby improves the plants ability to absorb the nutrients.

Inasmuch as the nutrients are bound to the alginates, the washing out of nutrients are considerably reduced.

A very important aspect with the use of Golf Algin S is that there is a lasting correction of the pH in the soil. The pH is optimalized, which in turn leads to a improved absorbtion of nutriants by the plant.

Golf Algin S also improves the micro-life in the soil, which again reduces the danger of thatch formation.



+   Improved growth of the grass.

+   Improved root system.

+   Increased stability of the turf.

+   Fast results (the results can be observed by the healthy deep green color already after a few days).



Construction of new golf courses, sports arenas and parks:

200 grams of Golf Algin S to be evenly spred out on top of the soil and then worked into the topsoil (to a depth of approx. 10 cm.)

Then, seeding or the lying out of turf can subsequently be carried out. Irrigation important. The grass seeds or the applied grass turf must be kept moist in the germination period.


Rehabilitation of problem areas:

The best times for the use of Golf Algin S is at the start of the vegetation period and in September/October. Start with 100 - 200 g/m2.

The best time for doing this is after airing of the green, tee or other areas, but prior to sanding. Golf Algin S and the sand to be swept into the holes. Irrigate well.

After 4 to 6 weeks additional 50 g/m2 Golf Algin S to be applied.



In order to keep the golf course in a continuous, good condition we recommended that 30 - 50 g/m2 Golf Algin S is applied 5 to 6 times during the season.

If mineral fertilizer is used in addition, it is important that the contents of N - P - K in the Golf Algin S is taken into consideration.



Irrigate well after applying Golf Algin S.

By very hot and dry weather, no more than 50 g/m2 should be applied each time.

At least one week to pass between airing and application of Golf Algin S.

Newly produced Golf Algin S may have a high contents of moisture. In order to make it as easy as possible to spread the product we recommended that the bags are opened a few hours before the product is used in order to reduce the moisture contents.




There are many external circumstances which may influence the efficiency of pesticides, fertilizers, soil- and plant improvement products etc.

For instance the condition of the plants, conditions in the soil and water, influence from other products, weather conditions, incorrect use, incorrect storage etc.

Such circumstances are outside our control and influence, and we can not accept liability for such conditions.


However, we do guarantee that with correct use the products will work as described. We furthermore guarantee that the products will always be of the same high quality.


The products contain no elements which can hurt humans, animals, insects, or the environment in general. The products can be used without any kind of protective equipment.

None of the elements contained in our products have been exposed to gene manipulation, neither do our products contain any elements which can lead to Creutzfeldt-Jacobs disease (mad-cow disease) nor do they contain any radioactivity.



To be stored apart from food and beverages.  Children not to be allowed to the storage area.

To be stored dry and cool.  Opened bags to be securely closed.



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TILCO Biochemie GmbH                                                                             AET AS

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D-23858 Reinfeld                                                                                          4885 Grimstad

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